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PRE-ORDER: The Truth About Sunday Minor




A fictionalized biography recounting the true attempts of a South Texas girl to break away from a life of unrelenting abuse during an era when appearances were everything and all who knew turned a blind eye. 

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Sunday Minor slid into the dining chair across from her foster parents. It was 3 a.m. and her night terrors had shaken them for the last time. They told her they've done all they can, and she's a case best left to someone else. Sunday wished it could've been different, but she wasn't surprised. 

While packing the few personal items she grabbed the day her father was arrested, the bible she'd carried triggered the first of many agonizing flashbacks to surface over the next six months. She knew then, after all she'd endured and every failure she'd faced, it had only been sheer panic that could have hurled her in this new direction. 

Of course, look where it got her: Promptly abandoned on the doorstep of Rose Village - Psychiatric Hospital with just one question. Will I ever escape?

Although the characters in this novel are an amalgam of the real-life Sunday Minor's recollection and how H.R. Young-Lira imagined them to have been, the events in this book are crafted around written accounts and oral discussions of the time between Sunday's earliest memories until she was seventeen. 

To that extent, this story is true.